Monday, 30 June 2014

Lifestyle: 5 Favourite Reads

What you may begin to learn throughout this blog is that I'm a self-confessed bookworm and proud of it! So I thought as a different kind of post and to step away from the beauty side of things (which is so far all I've discussed), I would discuss 5 of my favourite books. It's safe to say that having a kindle has increased my love of reading and I've also found that I now read books much quicker! So due to this, picking my top 5 favourite books has proved rather difficult! I'm not great at describing and explaining books but anyway here goes....

1. The Fault in Our Stars - John Green 
So I'm sure you've all heard of this one and I'm sure many of you have watched the film, but if you still haven't I would definitely recommend reading this before seeing the film! This is one of few books which have been able to make me cry (another being Harry Potter **Spoiler Alert** When Hedwig died!!). It's about a teenager who has cancer who meets Augustus, who is in remission, at a Cancer Support Group and they fall in love. I don't want to give too much away about this one, but it's such a tear jerker but an easy read all at the same time.

2. The Husband's Secret - Liane Moriarty 
This is one book I literally could not put down! It's about a women, Cecilia, who finds a letter from her husband in the attic which says 'To be opened in the event of my death.' Would you open it? Cecilia does and her world turns upside down! There are few unpredictable twists in this book which makes it hard to put down.

3. Before I go to Sleep - S.J Watson
Being a psychology graduate my favourite kind of book to read has to be a psychological thriller! I've read a fair few in my time but my all time favourite and hands down favourite book ever has to the be Before I go to Sleep. It's another book I just could not put down and just could not guess the ending. It's about a women who loses her memory everytime she goes to sleep and begins to question who she can trust. If you want to get into psycholoigcal thrillers I would highly recommend this one as a starting point.

4. Fractured - Dani Atkins 
This remains another of the few books which has succeed in making me cry. It's about a character called Rachel who is involved in a serious accident and 5 years later she is involved in another accident. When she wakes up life as she knows it has completely changed. Her life is now perfect, yet this doesn't feel right to her. I would describe this as an easy read which has quite a twist at the end.

5. Paper Towns - John Green
This is another book by the author of The Fault in Our Stars and I actually read this one first. At first I did find this fairly difficult to get into but once I got into it I really enjoyed it. I find John Green's writing poetic, unique and particularly easy to read. Like The Fault in Our Stars, the themes in this book are real and thought provoking and after reading you definitely feel inspired! The book is about Quentin, a teenager who goes looking for his neighbour, Margo, who he's in love with when she goes missing. He finds out things about Margo that he didn't quite expect. This ones a hard one to explain, but I'd totally recommend reading it!!

So there's a round-up of my five favourite books! Have you guys got any 'easy read' book recommendations? Or any psychological thriller recommendations? I always love trying out new books!! 

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