Friday, 11 July 2014

Beauty: Mac Lipstick Collection

My most loved make up item has definitely got to be lipsticks and I've accumulated a fair share over the years!  Some of my favourite lipsticks to buy are from Mac mainly due to the huge selection of shades they have on offer. Although I don't have as many Mac lipsticks as some people, I still think my stash is still a tad excessive and I thought I'd share them with you today. At the end I'll also include some swatches so you can get a better idea of the colours. 

1. Starting off with the nudes....Creme D'Nude. This is a creamsheen formula which I think is my favourite of the Mac lipstick formulas. This is a very white toned nude and I did use to wear this a lot when I first got it but now I never find myself reaching for it. 

2. Velvet Teddy. This is another nude but it is more on the brown nude side. I like to wear this when I'm having a natural make up day. It's apparently a favourite of Megan Fox, which is half the reason I bought it! The formula of this one is matte and I do find it slightly drying on the lips.

3. Onto corals/orange...  Coral Bliss. This is a bold statement but I think this is my favourite Mac lipstick. It's a gorgeous coral colour which I find the perfect shade for Summer but is also wearable all year round.  It's a cremesheen formula so gives the perfect about of colour and leaves your lips feeling nourished. 

4. Costa Chic. Another coral but this is definitely brighter than coral bliss. This is a frost formula and definitely does have quite a pearly finish. This is quite a bold coral and is a nice shade for the Summer when paired with quite a neutral make up look. 

5. Onto pinks...Angel. This was the very first Mac lipstick that I bought and is apparently Kim K's fave but this was not what swayed me to buy it! This is quite a medium, soft pink and again it's a frost formula but I don't find this as noticeably frosty as Costa Chic is. I think this shade is perfect for people with fair to medium skin tones. 

6. Please Me. I would describe this as a medium pink, which has a matte formula but I feel this one does have a slight sheen to it and doesn't feel drying like Velvet Teddy. For me this is a perfect daytime pink! 

7. My only red....Ruby Woo. This is a bright, blue based red and another matte formula, but again I don't find this one too drying on the lips. This lipstick is highly pigmented but I do find it works for both day and night. 

Mac Lipstick Collection Swatches Creme D'Nude Velvet Teddy Coral Bliss Costa Chic Please Me Angel Ruby Woo

So that's all my Mac lipsticks! I'm got my eyes on a few more so there may be a few more additions to this soon! Do you have any favourite Mac lipsticks which I don't currently own? 
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