Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Lifestyle: 2015 Blogging, Beauty and Personal Goals

I've never really been the type of person to bother with new year's resolutions but after the ups and downs of 2014 I'm now ready to make a fresh start and set out some goals to make the year ahead the best yet. And now that I'm trying to get back into the swing of blogging I thought I'd try and make not only some personal goals but some blogging and beauty goals as well.  

-1. So I know I haven't been consistent when it comes to blogging in the past but now I am feeling determined in this new year to make it work. The one way I'm aiming to stick to consistently writing blogs is to plan! I feel that by keeping a notepad with blog ideas and notes and when I plan to upload posts, this will help me stay organised and motivated!
- 2. Another blogging goal for the year ahead is that I want to comment more on fellow blogger's posts. This is a pretty simple goal so I'm guessing this one will be fairly simple to stick to.
- 3. Finally, in terms of blogging goals, I want to produce a blogging schedule of which days I intend to post on and what kind of posts will be uploaded on these particular days. This may take me a while to work out but once I have I intend to try and stick to this so that you guys will know what days you can expect certain kind of posts from me.

- 1. First up is a common goal I think all girls share 'Never be too lazy to take my make up off!' I hate to admit it but when it comes to the end of the day taking off my make up is the last thing I want to do, I'd rather just jump straight into bed. But this is all about to change! I'm determined to take my make up off every day in 2015!
- 2. I've never been big into skincare as it's always been about the make up for me! But this year I really want to start getting more into skincare and along with this comes the goal of finding a skincare routine which suits my skin and also once found I intend to stick to this!
- 3. Finally, I'm also hoping to spend less on beauty products. I feel like this will definitely be the hardest goal of all to stick to as I really am a sucker for buying make up products. This year I'm really going to try to shop my stash more and think about whether I really do need to buy something before taking the plunge and buying it!

- 1. My first personal goal is three goals all rolled into one but the main idea is that I just want to get healthier! I intend to try and eat healthier and along with this comes eating out less. As I'm quite fussy where it comes to food I find eating healthy pretty hard but this year I'm determined to make this happen! Along with this I also want to get fitter and try and exercise more frequently!
- 2. Along with one of my beauty goals this year (or probably at least for the beginning of this year) I am going to try my best to spend less money wherever possible! I'm a sucker for a Starbucks most mornings before work but I'm going to try to make this a thing of the past!
- 3. I also just want to make the most of everything and appreciate everyday! Sounds cliche but I do think most of us take everyday things for granted, so I just want to try and appreciate the little things more.

So that's it! Sorry if some of you found this a little boring and I'm not the type to usually do this but heres to hoping that my posting this it may actually help me stick to all these goals!

Do you guys have any similar goals to these? Or what goals to you want to pursue this year?
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