Friday, 16 January 2015

Pins of the Week #1

If you've read my post featuring my blogging goals for 2015 you would have seen that one of my goals was to try and create a blogging schedule so that lovers of my blog will know what kind of posts they can expect on certain days. So here's to introducing a new feature on my blog: my pins of the week! I am becoming obsessed with Pinterest, I absolutely love it and find myself endlessly scrolling through their beautiful pins. Each Friday you can now expect my 'Pins of the Week' post, featuring my pick of the most enviable, stunning pins of the week. I've got my fair share of boards including everything from wardrobe, home, beauty, hair and nails inspiration, so each week you can expect a mix up of different pins. If you want to check out my Pinterest boards and follow me then click here.

1. When it comes to my wardrobe I wish I was this organised! This image gives me serious wardrobe envy! I love how minimalist it is and I love the clean, crisp colours. I think it definitely leaves me wanting a huge wardrobe clean out.

2. I've been becoming a bit obsessed lately at looking at stunning flat lay images, and this image has to be my favourite of the week. I love how clean, crisp and bright this image is, yet it still has a pop of pink too. I really want to work on improving my blog photography and images such as these really get me inspired. If you want to take a look at my Pinterest board on some of my favourite flat lay images, then here it is!

3. I love this make up look at the moment and it's something I've been sticking to most days. I love how it looks natural and dewy yet it's really sunkissed. I've been achieving a similar look using a load of contouring and a cream highlighter and just skipping out the blusher from my make up routine.

4. Last but not least is this gorgeous dressing table inspo. This image definitely has to be my dream dressing table as it seems like such a beautiful place to get ready. I love all the crisp white features and that it just looks so light and fresh, serious envy!

There you have it, my first 'Pins of the Week' post! You can expect this post every Friday luncthtime. What do you think of this new blog feature? I'd love to see what your favourite pins of the week are, leave them in the comments!
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