Friday, 13 February 2015

Pins of the Week #5

So it's the 5th edition of my favoruite posts of the weeks and I'm still loving spending my days scrolling the depths of Pinterest as it's for a good cause! And I really hope your still enjoying this weekly feature! 

Favourite pins of the week

1. So my love of coral lips has now transferred to a love of coral nails! I just want it to be Spring/Summer already so that I can rock this simple nail art look. I also love how the nails appear to be matte as well! Does anyone have any recommendations of nail shades similar to this pin?

2. I can't stop pinning images of what I would love my dream, future home to be like. This looks like the perfect living room! I love the L-shaped sofa and all it's furnishings. However, my favourite part of this image is the photography on the walls! 

3. This make up look is currently my go to make up look and is inspired by none other than Kylie Jenner. I think this make up look is perfect for both day and night and is surprisingly really easy to achieve. All you need is a lot of contouring, intense lashes, neutral brown eyeshadow and that perfect nude lip combo of Mac Velvet Teddy and Soar which I am currently obsessed with! 

4. I'm still trying to look for new short hair updos since going for the chop and I'm loving this messy look! I actually tried out this look today and I'm a big fan of it so far, especially as it looks like it takes a lot of effort but in reality it really doesn't! For those short haired women out there, who finds that they literally just leave their hair down all the time now, instead of doing an updo? 

So that's my favourite pins of the week! Have you guys got Pinterest? If so leave me your links, I love finding new people to follow! 
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