Friday, 20 February 2015

Pins of the Week #6

Pins of the week #6
I really am still so obsessed with Pinterest! It's perfect for inspiration whether you're looking for make up, home, hair or wardrobe inspiration. So here are the pins that have particularly caught my eye this week! 

1. Sorry if you're bored of seeing similar make up looks in my fave pins of the week but I really am loving this look! I use pinterest a lot as a form of beauty inspiration and as I really love this simple Kylie Jenner inspired look, I find myself pinning these kind of pins a lot! My favourite part of this look has to be the eye make up as although it looks super simple it still manages to look like a lot of effort was put in when achieving it! 

2. I've already got 4 tattoos (most people always seem really surprised by this!) but at the moment I'm looking ideas for my next tattoo! I've already got a tattoo on my collarbone similar to this post and I think this rose tattoo looks great and I love the placement! I think something similar to this will definitely be my next tattoo, however there are also loads more tattoo pins I also really like, I'm so bad at deciding on things! 

3. A quote pin, this is a first for this blog feature! I finished uni in July and since then I've been working in retail until I figure out what I actually want to do in life. This decision is really stressing me out and I hate having to think about what I'm going to do next in life so this pin is very relevant for me. It helps me remember that 'No one has it all figured out,' especially in life but that's okay! This is something I need to keep remembering and I'm sure I will figure everything out soon enough! 

4. Last but not least is some more home inspo, in particular some more desk/dressing table inspiration. I'd love to do something similar like this over my dressing table, putting some of my favourite pins, especially make up looks, above it to give me some inspiration for when I'm doing my make up. Think it's a great idea and may have to try this out soon! 

So there you have it, my favourite pins of the past week! Do you have any similar posts? If so leave the link, I love reading posts like this! 
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