Thursday, 26 February 2015

Pins of the Week - LFW Edition #8

For this week's edition of my favourite pins of the week I thought I'd add a little theme to it. Seeing as London Fashion Week has just finished I thought I'd include my favourite pins I found that were associated with London Fashion Week 2015. Although there were some amazing catwalk looks at this seasons London Fashion Week, my favourite part to look at is the Street Style Looks. These are the looks that people are spotted wearing to London Fashion Week and these are my favourite looks to gain some wardrobe inspiration from as they are much more achievable and wearable for a day to day look. So here are my favourite Street Style Looks from London Fashion Week 2015.

 1. This is a perfect Spring/Summer outfit as it's light and flowy. It looks like a perfectly put together outfit achieved through the addition of the belt to make the dress more fitted. My favourite part of this look is definitely the flowy nature and texture of the dress  and the colour palette of the dress is also gorgeous! The sandals and sunclasses also perfectly complete this look.

2. I love how simple this look is. If you've seen my previous pins of the week posts then you would have seen me bang on about how much I love the addition of trainers to an outfit. I think smart trainers just give the perfect twist to an outfit. This is definitely the most wearable of my outfit picks as it's super easy to achieve as I reckon most people would have similar things in their wardrobe, however I do which I had that powder blue jacket!

3. The pop of pink that this coat adds to the outfit is gorgeous but I love the layering of this outfit even more! Seeing as I love in the UK the weather is always unreliable, but more often than not it's freezing! So layering is the perfect solution for the problem of what to wear when you want to look polished but yet still warm. I love these open toed mules as well, great addition for when it eventually gets warmer!

4. Accessories definitely always make an outfit and this is why I love this look! The actual outfit is super simple and so is the colour palette as this look is just grey and black. However, it's the accessories, such as the hat and the scarf, that completes this look and makes it one of my favourite London Fashion Week street style looks! I am the worst at remembering to accessorise an outfit so this has left me feeling more inspired to add more accessories to an outfit rather than just the addition of a bag.

So that's my first themed pins of the week post! This definitely leaves me wanting to try and up my outfit game! Were you left feeling inspired after London Fashion Week?

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