Friday, 6 February 2015

Pins of the Week #4

It's Friday lunchtime, that can only mean one thing... it's time for my favourite pins of the week again! I hope you're enjoying this weekly feature on Simplicity Rose as I'm really enjoying putting it together each week. Makes me feel that my endless scrolling through Pinterest isn't just me procrastinating but is instead for a purpose! So here's my favourite pins from this week!  
favourite pins - pinterest
1. Seeing as it's valentines day soon, I thought I'd start getting into the spirit! I'm thinking of doing a Valentine's day edit on the blog featuring 3 Valentine's day themed posts so was looking for some Valentine's nail inspo. Where better to look than Pinterest?!  I love this Valentine's nail art as it's seems quite simple, enough so that even I may be able of copying it! Keep your eyes peeled to see whether I manage to actually achieve this nail art design! 

2. I wish my dressing table was this organised! The next free day I have I would love to get some dividers and sort out my ever growing make up stash! This pin makes me want to do this even more so, as it just looks super organised! I've got some serious dressing table envy going on! 

3. After last weeks post where I was trying to rekindle my love for coral lips, this pin has definitely contributed and I've now been wearing a coral lip most days! Although the shade of coral in this pin is quite bright I think it would be such a beaut shade to wear in Spring/Summer and has just got me longing for some sun! Is it just me or does this Winter feel like it's never ending?!

4. If you saw last week's edition of my favourite pins of the week, then you would have seen that I've been lusting after trainers recently and I now think I've found the pair I want. And those trainers have got to be Stan Smiths, I just love them and after scrolling through Pinterest, this love has only become stronger! I just love that they somehow manage to make an outfit casual/smart all at the same time and this pin proves that!

So those are my favourite pins of the week! Are you guys enjoying this weekly feature? Are you following me on Pinterest yet? If not you can do so here
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