Friday, 27 March 2015

Pins of the Week #9

1. When it comes to hairstyles I generally always stick to the same thing, that was until the end of last year when I took the plunge and went for a bob! I still can't believe I was that adventurous with my hair! I love this hairstyle, however I still don't think I'm adventurous enough for this. I love the cut as it's quite messy and blunt which is what I'm really into at the moment. However, I love the colour even more! I wish I was brave enough to try and pull this look off as I think it would be the perfect way to refresh your hair when it comes to the Spring/Summer months.
2. Sorry, it's another flat lay! I love the simplicity of this flat lay and I think it would be quite easy for me to achieve as well. I recently attempted flat lay photography with my 'What's in my Bag' post but I aim to try more photography like this in the future.
3. Although this looks like a really simple, neutral make up look, with some stunning contouring, which would be perfect for the warmer months, there is a slight twist to it! I don't know whether or not you can see but in the corner of the eyes, where you would normally add a highlighting shade, they have opted for a pop of bright yellow! I love this little twist to a simple make up look. I am prone to sticking to neutral, brown and beige tones when it comes to the eyes and forget to mix it up. So this pin has definitely left me feeling more inspired and hopefully I'll mix up my make up look a bit more.
4. Last but not least is some bedside table inspo. My bedside table is definitely not as pretty and polished as this one, mine is definitely pretty plain and boring in comparison. I love the addition of flowers and candles, and although it really makes a statement, it would be super easy to achieve! I may just have to go and re-decorate my bedside table straight away!  
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